At the turn of the millennium, the team at Jaxoffices looked at the Mandarin Market to see what elements were missing to improve the standard of living. In our evaluations, we came to realize that the residential and multi-family markets were close to absorption, while shopping centers were either built or scheduled for completion and the retail needs of the dwellers were pretty much met.

College Central facade

We continued our evaluation and established that the roads were near capacity, and increasing at the same rate as the upgrades being built. Where was this traffic coming from and going to?

The average family consists of a working white-collar father and mother with two to three children. Without an inventory of available office space, the white-collar work force was being directed out of Mandarin and Northern St. Johns County to the office markets in Southpointe, Southside and Downtown. The average commute is between thirty minutes and one hour in each direction, fighting gridlock traffic.

Our thoughts were to deliver an office product that would allow the business owner and its employees to live and work within a few minutes of home, without sacrificing the comforts of life with which they are accustomed. This gives companies an option to stay clear of the commute highway and traffic, while creating a preferred work environment for the owners and employees.

Jaxoffices Professional Business Park broke ground in November 2000 in Jacksonville, Florida in the Mandarin Suburbs on San Jose Boulevard. In its short history, Jaxoffices has become a landmark in Mandarin by establishing the first state of the art Professional Business Park in Mandarin and Northern St. John's County.

Jaxoffices has quickly become the address and the professional image that businesses want to be identified and associated with. We have built, leased and sold office space and condominiums in the first three phases, totaling near 77,500 square feet of improvements. We have rapidly established a 93% occupancy for all of our improvements.

Jaxoffices is easily accessible on San Jose Boulevard in Mandarin, to Northern St. Johns County (approximately 2 miles to the south) and I-295 (approximately 2 miles the north.) If your company is breaching its current location's seams and you need to relocate to a larger space with added amenities, Jaxoffices is perfect for you. If your company has grown to the point that you need to relocate, and you are torn between the advantages of leasing and still want the benefit of equity participation, you have the option of purchasing our office Condos. Our clear span layout allows the design of an office space to be unimpeded by any obstructions, allowing your company the advantage of maximizing every inch.